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No hate, only love. ♥

As my email has +50 messages asking the same thing, I decided to come here and talk about these two in this pic. I really don’t know if they broke up or not. I learnt to love Lara as much as I love Dougie.. “She’s just a girlfriend, why would you love her?” Well, she is way more than someones girlfriend. I love the way she express herself into this world with her life style and art. I admire her as a person, she’s a strong person. It’s very hard to see people talking shit about you on the internet and keep being such a positive person. She has my respect and love. So.. If they’re not a couple anymore all I can do is wish them all the happiness and love in this world. I do believe that they have/had an amazing time together and it’s something that will last forever in their hearts. Nothing can change that. I still believe that they’re twin flames.. If they really decided to split up I hope they can meet each other again at the right time for both of them. (I don’t need to talk about my love and respect for Dougie.. It’s obvious. ♥)

Hope you guys are well,

Bruna. x

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I’m here to say to Lara that her last message made my weekend as this time I was the one having a bad day. I’m proud to say that you have my admiration not only for your job now, but also because you’re a remarkable woman. Thank you so much for being so lovely with me. Love. x

People will think that I’m talking with myself. LOL.

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As you all can see, I’m not posting like I used to. The reason is that I’ve been thinking about this whole history of photos and everything and it made me feel kinda disappointed with myself. I talked about closing this page with a few friends but I never did. Now its time to make things right and stop spreading someone’s life to the world. And what made me even more sure about closing this blog, was a message from Lara. I know that I’m not the only one who has her facebook pics, but you won’t see anything more from me. If someone keep posting them, I will be happy to think that I don’t do that anymore. I’m really sorry for everything and thankful for Lara’s message. She was very kind with me even with the fact that she isn’t happy with this blog. She will always have my respect and support but not here. I feel like a better person now and it is really really good.
Thank you all.

Ps: Lara, I’m thankful for every word you said. Sorry for everything. I wish you the best and if I can do anything to help you with this “photo problem”, let me know. x

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